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About Us

  • TRUE VALUE IRRIGATION SYSTEMS-Santipara, an ISO 9001 certified with ISI marked products, is a recognized brand in Emitting Pipe, Lateral Pipe and HDPE pipes for using in micro irrigation systems in India.
  • True Value is a regular supplier of Micro Irrigation Systems Products I.e. Drip irrigation, Mini sprinkler irrigation and Overhead sprinkler irrigation to farmer as well as various Govt. and non Govt. Bodies.
  • The company has developed a Controlled Quality Management System which places great prominence towards providing finest quality of emitting pipe.
  • It is dedicated towards sustaining national and international quality standards at competitive and measurable prices.

Our Services

Micro Irrigations

True Value Irrigation provide tailor made drip as well as mini sprinkler irrigation system to farmer field because of farmer field suitability and Easily system operation & maintenance.

Agronomy Services

True Value Irrigation provide best crop management practices and crop solution for all crop with experienced & expert agronomist team for those True value customer who installed True value drip & mini sprinkler irrigation system.